ICT Infrastructure

ICT Infrastructure

Symbiosis Law School, Pune facilitates adequate use of IT. The Institute facilitates maximum number of IT facilities to all staff members, faculties and students.


    All classes are well equipped with Desktop with advanced configuration having i3 processor, Internet connectivity, LCD Projectors, Audio Devices.

    4 Smart Board (Interactive Touch Panel) are available for interactive teaching methods. Teachers are using Smart Boards in class room for teaching, learning to achieve their goals.


    ICT facilities including desktop computers, printers, LAN, WiFi etc. also provided to Co-ordinators office, Administrative office, Faculty rooms, Library, Examination office and other department. Each department in campus is connected with LAN and internet. Each department is having shared printing facility for the regular work.


    The Conference hall is developed for Video conference facility / Skype to enable National and Inter-National level meetings/ guest lectures, forum discussions, seminars, inter institute meetings etc. Frequently e-meetings/workshops/interviews are conducted in the conference hall.


    SLS, Pune have two ICT labs having the seating capacity of 60 each equipped with All in One Desktops having i3, 4 GB RAM, Licensed Windows OS, MS Office and other applications. ICT lab providing high end internet facility and printing facility. Student are using ICT LAB for their research work, browsing study material etc.


    SLS, Pune have 3 faculty rooms. Laptop / Desktop is provided to each faculty member. All desktops are connected with LAN, internet, WiFi. Printing with shared printer is available for print outs of their study material.


    Considering the advanced technology, SLS Pune provides the E-NOTICE boards on each floor. All e-notices, event banners, welcome banners etc. are displayed on e-notice board regularly. E-Notice boards are connected to Internet with WiFi connectivity. Notices are displayed with the help of software.

  7. ICT FACILITY IN PDCLE HALL ( Professional Development and Continuing Legal Education)

    PDCLE hall is equipped with high end Audio System, LCD Projectors, WiFi and wired Internet. It also facilitate the Smart Interactive Board, which is used to conduct the regular lectures, Live Streaming of lectures, Guest Lectures, live webinars and event.


    SLS, Pune MOOT Court hall is specially designed to conduct the Moot Count events. It is equipped with high end projectors, WiFi, Wired Internet, high end Audio Devices. It is also used to conduct the Guest Lectures by the visiting faculty, International Guest.


    SLS, Pune library is well equipped with Desktop, WiFi, LAN, internet connectivity. Separate Desktops with internet facility is provided for accessing e-journals in reading room. Web Opac system is accessible to students for the availability of books. Separate portal of SLS, Pune is available with the link of Remote access of legal databases and University databases.

  10. ERP

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is developed based on customized work flow. Employee records is managed by ERP like attendance, payroll, leave management, approval of leave are online.

    SLM (Student Lifecycle Management) is customized software developed by the institute which is used to manage the student records. It maintains the time table, attendance of students in class, guest lectures, monitoring and mapping of teaching syllabus with time table, session plans, subject completion, faculty management, various reports required for the academic purpose. Etc.

    Examination Evaluation (EduWiz) is the examination evaluation system, which records the data of examination evaluation, marks etc.

    Online Admission Process is used to manage student registration, online PIWAT (Personal Interview and Writing Ability Test), processing of merit list, fees payment through online portal etc.

    Alumni portal is developed for the administration of alumni records for the Institute.


    SLS Pune have subscribed version of legal databases for the access of all type of authenticate legal documents such as Case Law, Journals, Bare Acts etc. Students and Faculties are using this facility for various types of assignments, research, study material, MOOT Court participation etc.

    Remote access of legal databases is provided to students those have submitted the request and undertaking to the concern department at SLS, Pune.

  12. TURNITIN - Plagiarism

    Students, faculties are also using the Turnitin (Plagiarism Software) to run through their articles, papers, dissertations, assignments etc.


    Access of Grammarly is provided by SI(D)U for the checking of grammatical errors in Articles, Papers etc. It is used by the faculty members to minimise the errors of Articles, Research papers before publish.

  14. IBM SPSS

    SLS, Pune have the licence version of IBM SPSS software. Faculty members. LLM students are using this software for the preparation of various data models for the research analysis.

    All IT devices are regularly monitored, replaced / repaired and upgrad time to time wherever required. Institute has appointed hardware engineer / Network Administrator, System administrator to support all technical problems, testing and to take appropriate action.

    All computers in campus are connected through the LAN (CAT 6 / Fibre Cable), Wireless devices and having Internet facility.

    In order to maintain Internet security and to restrict unauthorised access of websites, Institute has Firewall, Managed L2 and L3 Switches. Internet is available 24 x 7 in campus for academic purpose. Logins / Username and Password of all staff, students are created for Authorised Access of Internet in Institute.

    The whole campus is connected with WiFi which having minimum range of 100 Mtr capable to connect 75 users to single device. The class rooms are equipped with LCD Projector, Desktop and connected to Internet. The facility enables students and staff to access academic records, attendance system from the class itself. The corridors, classrooms, staff areas have CCTV systems in place for complete Surveillance Vision Security on each floor and other areas of campus.

    Internet connection has upgraded bandwidth of 1:1 ILL 172 Mbps, which is allotted among the department, faculty, admin staff and students. Students are using internet facilities not only in the academic building but also uses in the hostels. We have observed that usages of internet by the students and faculty for seminars, projects, specialized topic of research is increased form year to year.

    Teaching staff and Students are getting benefited by arranging various guest lectures/ experiences through webinars / live streaming / Skype from outside India as well within India.

    Institute also use Social Platform for various events to broadcast on YouTube channel, FaceBook page and twitter handle.

    IT Facility Specification:

    • Servers – HP and Dell with Windows server 2012, 2016 Server OS
    • Cisco Network Setup:

    Layer 2, Layer 3, WiFi - Access Points, Controllers.

    • Dell Desktops, Laptops. (i3, 4 GB Ram, License Windows OS)
    • Fortigate Firewall Internet Security.
    • Veritas DLO back system.
    • 3 Data Card (JIO) with 1 gb. Internet speed.

    Deploying and Upgrading IT infrastructure:

    • All class rooms are equipped with ICT enabled facility for enriching the teaching and learning process.
    • Adequate hardware and software are added as per the requirement of the students and staff.
    • Internet facility has been provided to each of the department, for the Video Conference, Skype etc.
    • Interactive Sensor Touch Boards has been introduced.

    Domain Server:

    All computers are connected to Central Server (Domain Server) having user authentication. The restricted policies of Windows Server 2016 are implemented for various group and users.

    Antivirus Server:

    For the protection of viruses, we are using Symantec Antivirus System. All users / desktop are configured with client software and connected central antivirus server. 

    Bio Metric Attendance System:

    All staff attendance is configured with the Bio Metric Attendance System.

    Automatic Data Backup System:

    One separate server has been configured for the automatic / scheduled data backup for specific users in the campus. It is based on Windows 2012 authentication and secured.

    Audio System:

    All the calluses are equipped with amplifier, speaker set, desktop, projectors. The Conference Room, PDCLE, Moot Court hall is equipped with high quality audio/video system.