Social Initiatives

Social Initiatives

January 2018

Prison Advocacy Program + Legal Services Camp

2 Visits to Yerwada Central Prison under Prison Advocacy Program: Students of SLS Pune visited the Yerwada Central Prison two times under the Prison Advocacy Program

Visit 1: 13/01/2018
41 inmates were interview by Kshitij Asthana, Vasu Jain, Nishin Shrikhande, Navya Agnihotri, Saniya Shinde, Salil Joshi, Himani Sabharwal.

Visit 2: 27/01/2018
14 inmates were interview by shitij Asthana, Vasu Jain, Chetan Garg, Anuttam, Mayank Takawane, Navya Agnihotri, Saniya Shinde, Salil Joshi, Himani Sabharwa.

Legal Services Camp:

Date: 28 January 2018
Pune District Legal Services Authority (PDLSA) held the Maha Yojana Shibir (Mega Scheme Camp) for providing information, availability of scheme application, issuing necessary documents and submission of applications to respective departments of the Govt of Maharashtra as well as the different departments of the Central Govt . SLSP students assisted PDLSA in this activity.
Participants: 4 students, 1 faculty, 1 attendant

February 2018

Prison Advocacy Program + National Lok Adalat

1. Prison Advocacy Program:
Students of SLS Pune visited the Yerwada Central Prison under the Prison Advocacy Program on 10th february 2018 and intervied 42 candidates.
Students visiting male prison:
Vasu Jain, Chetan Garg, Kshitij Asthan, Anuttam, Mayank Takawane
Students visiting female prison:
Rashi Mehta, Saniya Shinde, Salil Joshi, Himani Sabharwal

2. National Lok Adalat (10th Feb 2018)
Under the guidance of Prof. Shirish Kulkarni & Prof. Chaitraly Deshmukh 30 students from the 1st and 2nd Year of 3 Year LL. B course and 20 students from the diploma programme of Arbitration visited and volunteered at the National Lok Adalat held by Pune District legal Services Authority on the 10th of February, 2018. Students had a n interactive session with few judges and began their work. They helped set up and man 3 desks in the premises and assisted people with finding courtrooms, etc. Students took turns and visited the courtrooms to observe the proceedings as well. The students also had a very good interactive session with the Hon. Principal District Judge Mr. Shriram Modak as well as the Secretary of the Pune District Legal Services Authority Mr. Pradeep Asthurkar.

March 2018

Prison Advocacy Program + Visit of Polish students

Prison Advocacy Program:
The following students visited Yerwada Central Jail under the Prison Advocacy Programme on 10th March 2018 and interviewed the inmates:

  • Vasu Jain
  • Kshitij Asthana
  • Ayushi Saraswat
  • Salil Joshi

Polish Students visit to Legal Aid Clinic:
Students from University of Gdansk, Poland visited the Legal Aid clinic of SLSP on 28th march, 2018 to understand its functioning and the work done here. This visit was coordinated by Prof. Shirish Kulkarni and students of the CLCC

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July 2018

National Lok Adalat +Jail inmates health check up

1. National Lok Adalat:
On 14 July, 2018, the students of 1st year LLB (3 year law course) visited Lok Adalat the Pune District and Sessions Court from 9.00 am on wards.

2. Jail inmates health check up:
SLSP in collaboration with SCOPE condycted a health check up for the inmates at Yerwada Central jail on 14th July, 2018. Student volunteers from SLSP assisted doctors to during the day. The health check up 157 inmates was completed on that day.

August 2018