Details of International Visitors to Symbiosis Law School, Pune


Prof. Rebecca Todd – 26.07.2017

Prof. Rebecca E. Todd, University Counsel, Antioch University, conducted a guest lecture on 26th July, 2017 at 10:00 AM for the students of the 3rd Year B.B.A-LL.B. (Hons.) and B.A-LL.B. (Hons.) of Symbiosis Law School, Pune. The lecture dealt with the US Environment law and the Love Canal tragedy being at the centre of the discussion.

Justice Mohan Peiris – 28.08.2017

Justice Mohan Peiris, Former Chief Justice and Attorney General of Sri Lanka conducted a workshop on theme of ‘Constitution and Constitutionalism, Rule of Law and Judicial Review: a comparative study between U.K., India, U.S and Sri Lanka’ for the students of Symbiosis Law School, Pune on 28th August 2017. The lecture, organized for 2nd Year B.A. and B.B.A.-LL.B. (Hons.), 1st Year LL.B. and LL.M. students, commenced at 10:30 AM.

Justice Mohan Peiris – 29.08.2017

Hon’ble Justice Mohan Peiris, Former Chief Justice and Attorney General of Sri Lanka delivered a guest lecture on ‘Negotiation Tactics’ on 29th August, 2017. The lecture, organized for the 5th Year B.A. and B.B.A.-LL.B. students of Symbiosis Law School, Pune, commenced at 11:00 AM.

Kris Gledhill – 20.09.2017

Symbiosis Law School, Pune organized a guest lecture by Prof. Kris Gledhill, Professor, Director of Post Graduate Programmes, Director of Clinical Legal Education, AUT Law School, Auckland, New Zealand on 20th September, 2017. The lecture, on the topic ‘Comparative Criminal Law with reference to Rule of Law’, was organized for the students of 5th Year B.A.-B.B.A.-LL.B. and commenced at 1.00 PM.

International Guest Schedule
May 2015 – July 2016

1 Ms. Heidi Henle, Attorney-at-Law, New York.

19th and 20th of May 15.

Conducted a workshop of Mediation Skills on the 19th of May 2015.


Prof Tonya Kowalski

Washburn University, U.S

17th of July to the 16th of August 2015

Conducted an extensive training on mooting skills and legal writing for the students of 1st year BA / BBA LLB, 3 year LLB students and LL.M. students.

Prof. Tonya also conducted the assessment of the students based on the moot problem.

She also engagedin a faculty seminar, as well as carried forward the research agenda.

Her agenda also includes a discussion on the Obama- Singh Initiative.


Jean Caulfield / Ritu Kadian

Representative of the Deakin University, Australia

25th August 2015

To discuss the visit of the student delegation from Deakin University Australia, in December 2015


Prof Stephen Hesse

Faculty of Law, Chuo International Centre, Chuo University, Japan

Visit of 6 Japanese students under the guidance of, Professor Hesse

10th September to 13thSeptember 2015

The students will be provided with a brief glimpse into the cultural, legal, political and constitutional system of India as well as an exposure to hands-on learning experience of the legal system as well as a snapshot of learning at SLS, Pune. There will be visits to two industries with Japanese collaboration.


Visit of Deakin delegation

9th to 17thDecember, 2015

There will be around 30 students accompanied by 3 Deakin Staff (Academic Staff- Dr Neera Bhatia+ Staff from International Office+ Deakin India Staff). Please find following the Draft Outline of the Indian Commercial Law Study Program (Pune lap):

Transfer to Pune from Delhi- 9th December (Wednesday)

Welcome Address and Cultural Events at Symbiosis University- 10th December (Thursday)

Guest Lecture and Industry Visit- 11th December (Friday)

Heritage Walk in Old Pune City- 12th December (Saturday)

Free Day- 13th December (Sunday)

Classes Commence at Symbiosis University from 14th December (Monday)

Classes till 17th December (Thursday)

Transfer to Mumbai in the Evening of 17th December (Thursday)

· In addition, please note that we would also like to request you to please check for:

(a) A Bollywood Dance workshop (1 hour) to be organized for our students on 10th December

(b) Industry Visit to be organized pertaining to Indian Commercial Law

(c) Moot Court Session to be organized

(d) Cost for arranging snacks and lunch for students

(e) Cost of local transfers from Hotel to University and back


Visit by Dr Winfried Huck and Dr. Matthias Pierson

Ostfalia University, Brunswick Germany

18thto 23rdJanuary, 2016

Guest Lectures, Faculty Seminar and LL.M Camping undertaken.


Visit by the British Council Delegation.

Dr. Charlotte Skeet

Prof Matthew Sadler

Prof John Tingle

Dr. Simon Sneddon

Prof Andrew Baker

Prof Mel Kenny

20th January 2016

Conducted lectures on various topics for students and Faculty discussion.

Discussion on the possibilities of collaboration.


Visit by Dean Michael Adams, & Dr. Alpana Roy, Associate Professor, School of Law, Western Sydney University.


9th February 2016

Collaboration in IPR and other areas of mutual interest.


Visit by Dr. Paul Wragg from Leeds University.

12th February 2016

Discussion on possibilities of collaboration.

Guest Lecture for LL.M

Topic : Protecting Private Information of Public Interest: Campbell’s Great Promise Unfulfilled’


The legitimacy of Press Regulation.

Guest Lecture ‘ Enhancing press freedom through greater privacy law: a U.K perspective on an Australian privacy tort ( Ist year, law of Torts)


Visit by Prof Jordan Budd, Dean of University of New Hampshire School of Law, Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property

15th February, 2016

Collaborative opportunities in the area of Intellectual Property education

Guest Lecture in the course of Law and Justice in the Globalizing World.


Dr. Antara Haldar

University Lecturer at Cambridge

23rd Feb 2016

To explore the possibility of a research student to work in the project relating to Property Law


Dr. Tara Prasad Sapkota Dean, Faculty of Law, Tribhuvan University,Kathmandu

7th March 2016 to 9th March 2016

During this period, he conducted a Faculty Seminar "Role of Religion for the protection of environment". He also guided LLM students with in their dissertation. He also contributed towards the Curriculum design for South Asian Legal Studies Course especially the module on Comparative Trade Law.

Dr Tara Prasad Sapkota also delivered a lecture to 2nd Year LLB students on “The role of Judiciary in promoting environmental justice: A Nepalese Perspective”.


Visit by Dr Clemens Arzt, Director, Research Institute for Public and Private Security, Berlin School of Economics and Law.

13thto 17thMarch, 2016

Dr. Clemens Arzt delivered lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate students on various legal subjects like “Basic Principles of German Police law, Police and Rule of Law”. He conducted special lectures for the Certificate Course on European Union Legal Studies on topics like “An Introduction to European Union” and “Superior Courts in Europe and Germany”.

Prof. Dr. Arzt conducted a faculty seminar on the topic “Refugee Crisis in Europe and Germany” as well as conducted a camping session for students writing their LL.M Dissertation.


Hon. Mohan Pieres, Former Chief Justice & Attorney General, Sri Lanka

Dr. Anna Marie Brennan, Consultant, Trial Chamber, International Criminal Court, The Hague

18th, 19th 20th of March 16

18th, 19th, 20thof March 16

Presided as judge for the final rounds of the First Symbiosis International Criminal Trial Advocacy.

Conducted two lectures on Comparative Constitution

Presided as judge for the final rounds of the First Symbiosis International Criminal Trial Advocacy.

Conducted a lecture on ISIS and its menace.

Conducted a faculty seminar on ICC and Terrorism.


Mr. Dawid Stanczak

PhD candidate - School of Criminology, Politics and Social Policy,Jordanstown,

Newtownabbey,County Antrim

Ulster University, U.K

11th April to 19th April 16

Meeting with activists from Kalpavriksh organisation to establish further contacts with potential. He will be meeting ‘gatekeepers’ to potential participants and intends on conducting interviews with activists campaigning on issues around corporate takeover of agriculture, GM crops (Bt cotton), land grabs, debt bondage, farmer suicides, field trials etc. He also intends on interviewing farmers who have been affected directly or indirectly by the agricultural biotech industry and the GM crops.

He will be meeting journalists writing critically about state’s relaxation of laws that facilitate corporate takeover of Indian agriculture. The second week of his stay in Pune he will travel to Gujarat to meet with activists struggling against land grabs by corporates. He also intends on meeting with some representatives from Mahyco Company, as well as state actors from the department of agriculture to ask their opinion on the issues that he is exploring.


Prof.Sarah Derrington Dean of the TC Berne School of Law

 and Mr. Michael Kasprowicz 

University of QUEENSLAND School of Law.


10th June 2016.

Research, student and faculty exchange, Participation in Moot Court etc.


Visit by Hon Judge Kristi Harrington

Officer of the Solicitor- Ninth Judicial Circuit Berkeley County, SC-2002-2008

19th June to 24thJuly 2016

Fulbright Scholarship

Scheduled Work Plan


Mr. Dawid Stanczak

PhD candidate - School of Criminology, Politics and Social Policy,Jordanstown,

Newtownabbey,County Antrim

Ulster University, U.K

05th August 2016-05thOctober 2016

Lectures with Symbiosis Law School, Pune and Symbiosis School of International Studies.

Research and Joint Application


Visit of Hon’ble Justice Mohan Pieris

Former Chief Justice of Sri Lanka

20th August to 28th August

Lectures, Capsule Capsule Course on Arbitration, Faculty Seminar.


Dr Gary Lilienthal 


“Visiting Associate Professor” at Symbiosis International University (SIU),

1st Sep., 2016 to 27th October, 2016


Editing Journal & other research -Faculty mentoring

Review for Teaching & Learning


Prof. Renate Kock Cologne University Germany

26th Sep- 27thSep 2016

Undertaking a research on Right to Education in Maharashtra schools: A comparative critique with reference to Germany along with Director Dr. Shashikala Gurpur, SLS, Pune.

Undertaking teaching U.G and P.G, Curriculum Review, Faculty Seminar, Guidance to LL.M and Ph. D students


Prof. Kris Gledhill

AUT Law School, New Zealand

8th to the 12th of September

 Will visit Hyderabad on the 8th and 9th of Sept, 10th of September he will be the Plenary speaker for the Annual National Conference


Prof. Stephen Barnes

Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programs

22nd/23rd Sept 16

Handing over the MOU copies and exploring the possibility of student and faculty exchange.


Ms. Claudia Kurkin

Faculty of Law- Brunswick European Law School (BELS), Germany

22 to 30 Sept 2016. 

Lectures, Faculty Seminar etc


Prof. Sandeep Gopalan

Dean, Deakin University Australia

4th Oct16

Guest Lecture on Corporate Law and Governance for Third Year students and faculty interaction.


Professor Dr. James Kraska,

Acting Director, Stockton Center for the Study of International Law, U.S. Naval War College

18th to 2st October’16

Conducted symposium on National Security Laws: Leveraging Rule of Law for a More Secure India. He delivered five lectures on Introduction to National Security Law; Use of Force under international law; Maritime Security Law and Major Challenges to Freedom of Navigation; South China Sea Arbitration


Meeting with the Delegation from Glasgow University U.K at Royal Bombay Yacht Club, Mumbai.

7th Nov 2016

Student and Faculty Exchange

Research and Joint Publication

Joint Summer School in the field of IPR

Participation in the two International Moot Courts

Participation in the Annual Research Conference

Sharing of MOU


Prof. Ian Walden Professor of Information and Communications Law and head of the Institute of Computer and Mr. Patrick Power Deputy Director Marketing and Communications at Queen Mary, University of London visited Symbiosis Law School Pune on 9th Nov’16.

9th Nov, 2016

Discussion with Dr. Bindu Ronald and other faculty members on further collaborations between both the institutes.

Prof. Ian engaged a lecture for the faculty members of SLS, P on Privacy and Security during the War on terrorism.


Visit of Prof. Dr. John Tingle

Nothingham Trent University U.K

8th to 12thNov’16

Discussion regarding participation in Symhealth Conference in May 2017.

Joint Summer School programme in the area of Public Health, Patient Safety and Ethics

Participation of students of Symbiosis Law School, Pune in the Summer School Programme being offered by NTU.

Joint Research and Publication


Dr Nicolas Kang-Riou

Lecturer , Salford Law

Salford Business School

Salford, Manchester U.K

Monday 5th Dec

Exploring the possibilities of collaboration


Yesha Yadav

Associate Professor at Vanderbilt Law School

The visiting team will comprise of Dean, Professor Chris Guthrie and Ms. Cynthia Coleman

12th Dec 16

Meeting with Dr. Gurpur ma’am regarding the various possibilities of exchange.

Discussion of doing LL.M at Vanderbilt

c) Participation of nominated faculty faculty members at the conference co-hosted by Vanderbilt in association with Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Finance Research Group.


Dr. Clemens Arzt

Berlin School of Economics and Law

10th Dec, 2016

Faculty Seminar on “Bill of Rights and Police Powers in Namibia”


Prof Swanegan and Prof. Royal Gardner,

Assistant Dean of International Programs at Stetson University College of Law in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Prof. Royal Gardner is a faculty of Environmental Law

05th Jan, 2017

Discussion with Director ma’am for future possibilities of collaboration. One guest lecture by DR. Gardner in environmental law, Wetland Law and Policy. 


Chris Parsons

Chairman, India Practice, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP

12th and 13thJanuary 2017

Guest lecture-corporate law matters and negotiating skills


Prof. William (Bill) Cushley, International Dean for
Eurasia and South Asia

Mr. Sanju Dominic, International
Officer (India)

12th January 2017

Discussion with Deputy Director ma’am and International Cell for future possibilities of collaboration.


Dario Moura Vicente

Professor Faculty of Law

University of Lisbon

President of the Institute for Legal Cooperation


January 13

Discussion with Deputy Director ma’am and International Cell for future possibilities of collaboration.


Dr Ilias Trispiotis, School of Law from University of Leeds. 

9th Feb, 2017

Guest lecture on European human rights, interaction with students on future career prospects, meeting with Director madam and faculty for research collaboration.


Prof. Ray Campbell and Elaine Claar Campbell

Director of Graduate and International Programs

Peking University School of Transnational Law

University Town, Nanshan District

Shenzhen, CHINA

10th Feb,2017

Discussion with Director ma’am and International Cell for future possibilities of collaboration. Prof. Ray Campbell took a lecture for the fourth year students on the topic “THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON THE PRACTISE OF LAW”


Mr. Matti Gurreck

Leibniz University, Hannover Germany

12th to the 27thFebruary 2107

Lectures in Public International Law and for EULS Course


Margaret Sova McCabe from University of New Hampshire School of Law

15th February, 2017

Discussion with Deputy Director ma’am and International Cell for future possibilities of collaboration, online courses and summer schools. She delivered lectures to undergraduate students on the topic “Are Sustainable Food Systems Compatible with IPRs ?”

Prof. McCabe further conducted a faculty seminar on the topic “Reaping what we sow: Does the “Framework” for Approval of genetically engineered crops inadequately prepare for deregulation?”


Helen Hudson

Head of Legal Development, Nottingham Trent Law University

24th Feb, 2017

Discussion with Director ma’am and International Cell for future possibilities of collaboration, online courses and summer schools.

Prof. Jean d'Aspermont, with specialization in Public International Law from the University of Manchester visited Symbiosis Law School, Pune on the 14th of January 2015. He delivered a lecture on India and International Law to I, II, III & IV year students of BA/BBALLB.

Professor Ken Randall, the CEO/President of Law Ventures and Provost of Charlotte School of Law and Arizona Summit spoke on 'The Growing Ambit of International Law, and its Importance in India' in the Symbiosis Law School, Pune on 22nd of January 2015. Professor Randall spoke about the growing collaboration between India and the United States of America, and the role played by its respective leaders in fostering and developing international relations.

Ms. Sylvia Costantini, Political Counsellor, EU Delegation, New Delhi visited SLS, Pune on 2nd February 2015. She interacted with the students enrolled for the Certificate Programme of European Union Legal Studies and gave an overview of the EU Institutions.

Prof. Maeve McDonagh, Academic Lawyer specialising in Information Law, Faculty of Law, University College Cork, Ireland visited Symbiosis Law School, Pune, India from 26thJanuary to 31st January 2015.During this period, she was on the interview panel for "DAAD-New passage to India programme". She also had meetings with Dr.Shashikala Gurpur, Director, Symbiosis Law School, Pune to further the agenda of exchange programme between University College Cork and Symbiosis Law School, Pune. In addition she delivered lectures to LL.M. students on Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Right to information in International Human Rights law and European Data Protection Law in the course of Telecommunication laws. Further, she contributed to the academic enrichment by conducting a faculty seminar on "Right to Information in International Human Rights Law". Prof. Maeve McDonagh was invited to be one of the adjudicators for the Nani Palkhivala Elocution Competition.

Mr John Hartwright, Faculty Recruitment Manager, Faculty of Business and Law, Northumbria University and Vikas Sharma, Manager, Agent Liaison and Recruitment, Northumbria University Liaison Office visited Symbiosis Law School, Pune on 10th February to provide information on Summer School Programme in the University of Northumbria. Other agenda like faculty exchange, joint research collaborations were also discussed during the meeting.