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Symbiosis Law School, Pune(18th February '13)Symbiosis Law School, Pune, on behalf of Nani A Palkhivala Elocution Contest at inter- college level for the students of law.

Symbiosis Law School, Pune
(18th February '13)
Symbiosis Law School, Pune, on behalf of Nani A Palkhivala Memorial Trust, Mumbai, successfully organized the 7th Nani .A. Palkhivala Memorial Inter-collegiate Elocution Competition for Law Students in association with the Nani .A. Palkhivala Memorial Trust (Mumbai) today the 18th February 2013 from 12.00pm to 3.00 p.m in the Symbiosis Law School Auditorium.

Hon'ble Justice Dr Shreekrishnan B. Panse, Principal, District and Sessions Judge (Retd.), was the chief guest for the occasion. The other guests included Dr. Rohini Gote of Garware College, Pune, Dr. Jui Shankar, Symbiosis School of Liberal Arts, Pune and Mrs. Swati Kapadia, the representative of the Nani A Palkhivala Foundation.

Dr. Bindu Ronald, Deputy Director, Symbiosis Law School, Pune delivered the welcome address. In her address she thanked the Nani A Palkhivala Trust for choosing Symbiosis Law School, Pune, for the purpose of hosting the inter-collegiate elocution competition. She remarked how the event was a brilliant learning opportunity for all the students who could utilize this to polish their oratory skills that are very much required in this profession.

Dr. Ronald felicitated Hon'ble Justice Dr. Panse, Dr. Gote, Dr. Shankar and Mrs. Kapadia.

The event saw the participation of nine different law colleges from around Pune including, ILS, Navalmal Firodia Law College (DES), Modern law, Sinhagad Law college, AES law college, A.K. Khan New Law College, Balaji Law college, Marathwada Mitra Mandal Law College. 

The general theme of the elocution competition was the Freedom of Speech and the Role of Media. The students spoke on various issues ranging from speedy justice system to the freedom of media and its proposed role in India.

Talking about speedy justice, they said there was little logic behind making stringent laws unless justice was meted out speedily. They substantiated their arguments by quoting the Rajat Gupta scam and said that it's not that we are lacking in laws but its implementations in India.

They discussed issues like the role of media and its social responsibility. One of the students elaborated on how the media was only interested in increasing their TRP and how they focused on "sale-worthiness rather than news-worthiness".

Winners of the prestigious competition were awarded a certificate and the cash price. The 1st prize with cash price of Rs 5000/- was grabbed by Meghna Malhotra of ILS. The Second Price with cash price of Rs 3000/- went to Debayan Roy of A K Khan New Law Academy. The third position was shared by Rohan Mirpury of Navalmal Firodia Law College (DES), and Abhishek Sankritik of Symbiosis Law School, Pune winning Rs 2000/- each.

This was followed by the Vote of Thanks by Dr. Mohanty Aparajita. She thanked the dignitaries for their gracious presence, and the participants and audience for making the event a success. She also thanked the Nani Palkhivala Trust for their long standing association with the college.