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Guest Lecture by Prof. Lindsay Trotman on Confidential Information

Symbiosis Law School, Pune organized a Guest Lecture by Prof. Lindsay Trotman on the topic of Protection of Confidential Information and Employees and IP for the LLM students in the subject of Business, IPR and Global Perspectives. The Guest lecture was organized on 17th October 2018 and 13 students attended the Guest lecture.

Prof. Lindsay Trotman visited the Symbiosis Law School Pune for three months under the  Scholar In Residence Program. Prof. Trotman is the Associate Professor of Law at Massey Business School, Massey University, New Zealand. He teaches subjects such as Misleading or deceptive conduct, company Law, Partnership law, Security over personal property and various other areas of Business Laws in New Zealand.

The students benefitted from his vast knowledge and experience. During the session he covered several aspects about the confidential information such as the meaning of confidential information, types of confidential information, steps to be taken to protect confidential information such as the employment contracts and the non-disclosure agreements. Another aspect covered by him was regarding the Employees and IP, in which he discussed, who would be the owner of IP in different situations. The full session was oriented to gain practical knowledge. He emphasised on how the confidential information played an important role in protecting business interests.