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Faculty Seminar by Prof. Dr. Matthias Pierson on Harmonization of IP Law in Europe- Contemporary Issues

Symbiosis Law School, Pune organized a Faculty Seminar on “Harmonization of IP Law in Europe- Contemporary Issues” which was delivered by Prof. Dr. Matthias Pierson on 19th January 2016. More than 30 faculty members attended the lecture.

Prof. Dr. Pierson addressed the faculty members regarding the systematic aspects of intellectual property law.  He is an expert on intellectual property law, business law, anti-trust and competition law. He worked for several years as a corporate lawyer and since early 2000 he has been as Chair of Business, IP & Competition Law at the Brunswick European Law School of Ostfalia University. He has written two books in German, one on IP Law and another on Internet Law.

Dr. Pierson pointed out to the consistency in IP laws although the content, scope and area of operation / protection of the IP laws were different.

Another interesting point he made was about how trademark is a sign. A trademark is a sign to identify the product. He stressed on the fact that since the main role of a sign in this context is merely to communicate, it can be renewed any number of times and does not have a finite period of validity.

After his talk, there was a lively and interesting debate on whether software should be patented or continue to enjoy copyright protection.