Student Affair

Recommendation Letters

Instructions for Recommendation/Reference Letter

The following steps shall be followed while seeking recommendation/reference letter:

  1. The student applying for recommendation/reference letter should submit the application one week in advance.

  2. The application should have the supporting documents and pro-forma to identify criteria for recommendation/reference letter and should indicate whether sought from the faculty/Director/Dy. Director and the name of the University/Institute in which he/she is applying.

  3. The student should deposit Rs. 500/- for recommendation/reference letter (Minimum 1 and up to maximum of 10 recommendation/reference letters) during the same year.

  4. The student should approach the concerned faculty member along with the receipt copy initialed by the office/Admin Officer.

  5. The application shall be scrutinized and initialed by the Admin Officer or the Placement Cell in-charge (in case of internships).

  6. Students not complying with the above mentioned criteria will not be issued the said recommendation/reference letter.