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Hannah Tulip Shekinah, LLM 2018 published a paper titled ‘The BDS Movement: Economics, Businesses and Human Rights' in the UGC Approved 'Online International Interdisciplinary Research Journal' - Vol. 8(3) / Jan 2018 Special Issue/ ISSN No.2249-9598.

Ayush Chowdhary, BBA LLB (Hons.) Batch 2015-20 presented a paper titled “Exigency of Domestic Norms for Tackling Refugee Crisis: Perspective on citizenship and balance between human rights and national interest in India” at the 3rd KIIT National Conference on International Law Agendas (13th to 14th January 2018). The paper, co-authored by RishikaRaghuwanshiBBA LLB (Hons.) Batch 2015-20, was adjudged as 2nd Best Paper Presented.The same got published in Jus Dicere Review bearing ISBN number 978-93-5300-109-4.

Tanya Kukade, BA LLB (Hons.) batch 2016-21 published two research papers titled “Assault: The Civil and Criminal Aspect” in International Journal of Socio-Legal Research, Vol. 4 Issue I, ISSN- 2393-8250, and “Scope of International Adoptions and Regulatory Guidelines, A Case Analysis of Lakshmikant Pandey v. Union of India (1984)” under Journal of Juvenile and Family Law Vol. IV, ISSN 2446-2101, March 2018. She also presented a paper on “Failure of Indian Criminal Justice System in Protecting Sexual Assault Victims” at the National Seminar on ‘Access to Criminal and Correctional Justice and Human Trafficking’ organized by School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai on January 28, 2018.

Moksh Dilip Ranawat, 2nd Year BBA LLB, published a paper titled "Rule of Law: Foundation of our Democracy" in Supremo Amicus Law Journal bearing ISSN No- 2456-9704, Vol.-5, April 2018.

Akshay Gudhino, 2nd year BA LLB completed a research internship report titled “Delay at the Pune District Court for Murder Cases: An Analysis” for the Crime Investigation Department in association with SCALSAR.

Devina Srivastava, BBA LLB (Hons.) batch 2015-20 published three research papers:

  • “Libya: Conflict over Power and the Refugee Crisis” in Online Series for Society of International Law and Policy, National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, West Bengal (May 1, 2018).
  • “The Right to Die with Dignity: The Indian Supreme Court Allows Passive Euthanasia and Living Wills” with the Oxford Human Rights Hub, University of Oxford - Faculty of Law (April 11, 2018).
  • “Guardianship and Custody Laws in India: A Need to Adopt the Shared Parentage Principle” in the Journal of Juvenile and Family Law, ISSN: 2446-2101, Volume 4 (April, 2018). She published an article titled, “Does IBC Impede the Government’s Right of Taxation? - An Analysis” on the Racolb Legal Blog (March 21, 2018).

Sofiya Mhaisale, BA LLB (Hons.) batch 2016-21 published following research papers:

  • “Multiple Personality Disorder as a Legal Defence” in the International Journal of Legal Research and Social Sciences, ISSN number: 2394-7977 (July, 2018)
  • “Domestic Violence Laws in India” in International Journal of Legal Research and Social Sciences, 2394-7977 (March, 2018)
  • “Right to Life includes Right to Die: De-criminalizing attempt to suicide in India” in Supremo Amicus International Law Journal, ISSN number: 2456-9704 (June, 2018).

“A case commentary on Gian Kaur v. State of Punjab”, published by the Supremo Amicus International Law Journal, ISSN number: 2456-9704 (June, 2018)

Anukriti Randev, BA.LLB (Hons.) batch 2017-22published a research paper entitled “Obscenity and Pornography Laws in India - is the time up for an Overhauling?” in Volume 3 of GLC Contemporary Law Review Journal, ISSN number: 2518-8990. (May, 2018).


ILS Debate, 2018

  • VG Sreeram (4th year) was nominated as the Core Adjudicator of the 6th Justice VM Tarkunde National Parliamentary Debate.
  • Sarleen Kaur (2nd year) won the title of ‘Best Adjudicator’ .
  • Aastha Kapoor (2nd year) was the 2nd Best Adjudicator.
  • The team consisting of Shreya Shenolikar, (4th year) Rohit Bhatachaarya (2nd year) and Shrish Suresh (2nd year) were Quarter-finalists. 

College of Engineering Pune Debate, 2018

  • The team consisting of VG Sreeram(4th year) and Shreya Shenolikar(4th year) were Finalists at the tournament.
  • The team consisting of Shashank Venkat (2nd year) and Rohit Bhatachaarya (2nd year) were Semi-finalists at the tournament.
  • The team consisting of Kavya Jain (3rd year) and Swaha Sinha (3rd year) were Semi-finalists at the tournament. 
  • Vedika Walia (3rd year) won ‘Best Adjudicator’ at the tournament.
  • Aarushi Sahu (2nd year) was the 3rd Best Adjudicator.

GLC Debate, 2018

  • The team consisting of VG Sreeram (4th year) and Rohit Bhatachaarya (2nd year) were Semi-finalists.
  • VedikaWalia(3rd year) was the 2nd Best Adjudicator.
  • Adiraj Bali (3rd year) was the 4th Best Adjudicator  

NLS Debate, 2018

  • The team consisting of Rohit Bhatachaarya(2nd year), Shrish Suresh (2nd year) and Aastha Kapoor(2nd year) were Octo-finalists in the tournament.
  • VedikaWalia (3rd year) and Sarleen Kaur (2nd year) were both breaking adjudicators at the tournament. 

Universities Asians Debating Championships, Bangdung, Indonesia, 2018

The team consisting of Rohit Bhatachaarya (2nd year), Aastha Kapoor (2nd year) and Shrish Suresh (3rd year) were the first SLS team to compete at this tournament and were the 25th Best team as per the Tabulations.